Basic driver integration

bOS Basic driver was created for integration of custom TCP, UDP, Serial devices.

In bOS, users have multiple connection types available. Serial, TCP, UDP and TCP server. Connection settings must be set accordingly, setting correct COM port must be set if the connection is serial, correct IP and port if the connection is TCP, etc.

In case received data must be parsed, parsing settings need to be set according the format of received data: text (regex), json or xml. Changing the encoding (ASCII, UTF7,8,32 depending on the input data).

Image 4239

Example of Basic driver functionalities with a TCP connection type and basic Json line command sending and parsing certain values out of that command. Correct IP’s and parsing must of course be set before. To add the Json text in add a Command device under Basic node.

Video of a  complete integration of your Denon speaker through advanced JSON data parsing and visualization control setup can be found in the link below:

Youtube video