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ngrok as alternative for port forwarding

Gracjan 4 months ago in bOS Server updated by ComfortClick Support 4 months ago 1

I'm owner of JIGSAW device without possibility to get public IP address. While looking for workarounds I have found the ngrok service which offers tunnels accessible via URL links. As long as I understand JIGSAW is simply raspberry pi device with custom linux os running under the hood. I wonder if I could login to the device using the ssh to access the root account for purpose of installation and setup of ngrok service. Will you be able to share those? Is ssh access enabled?

Under review


gateway access to your bOS Servers (without any ports forwarded) or the need of public IP is being developed by us.

Currently it's in testing stages and we're activating it to our testing users so they can connect remotely to their servers more safe, this feature will be available to everyone in the future when we have it 100% working.

SSH connection to our Linux servers are only available to our comfortclick support.

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