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SIP door phone

Kristián Vojčík 6 years ago updated by ComfortClick Support 1 month ago 12

Hello. I am trying to get to work IP SIP protocol door phone but with no luck. I try android app but that crash every time. So I want to ask if there is some way to add SIP door phone to Jigsaw or how to properly set up your app for SIP door phone. We are using Helios 2N door phone.

Regards. Team Slovakia. Stavcomp S.R.O.

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when does the app crash? Which version of android are you using? Did you try reinstalling app? 


When I try tap/connect to IP door phone. I use android 6.0.1. Yes I try reinstaling app but no luck.

Is there a possibility for you to try this with another android device?

Also, a crashlog would be very useful to determinate what is the cause of this crash.

Useful app for this is Alogcat (found in android store). 

Yes we try it on 3 devices but still not working. Ok I send report from app crash. Thanks for suggestion. And do you planing to implement SIP in bOS in future?


hi, is there now a way to integrate a sip door station like the mobotix T26 to the visualisation, including two way audio and control off the door opener?

Thx Max


Did you plane a date  for integrate the SIP protocol ?

Best regards.


SIP is planned to be released, but we don't have an ETA on the release date.

Best regards.


did you have any news on the SIP integratgion?

thx Max


hello, are you planning to launch direct communication with SIP video intercoms in the development, if so, when, because I must admit that this is a very important function in the functioning of automation in the building.

Hello Lukasz,

SIP integration is planned to be released with the new bOS5 version.

Best regards.


When you planing to release bOS5?

Hello Kristian,

still working extremely hard on the development. Currently no ETA.

Best regards.