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ignazio cannizzaro 2 years ago updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 2 years ago 5

hi, i need to send a get http message to comfortclick from another device on the same network, what can i do?



You need to be more specific.

ComfortClick supports communication via it's own RPC:


So without any further information, it's hard to try to help.

What device, what kind of message, etc...

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definitely disappointed


Amazing answer from someone who came here, never posted anything, asked for help, and when asked to give further details to understand the problem and try to help, just reply with a "definitely disappointed". Well guess what, none of us have a crystal ball.

This is a forum, not a hot line for help. If you need custom help, use the support tickets. Most of the people here, like me, are not even workers of ComfortClick, but rather installers or users of ComfortClick products.

It really pisses me off some of the attitudes we find here in the forum.

It's posts like this that sometimes get me thinking about quit helping. After all, I'm an installer and don't owe a single satisfaction to any user. I do it, because I believe in good karma, as most of the professionals here that do the same.

A word of advise for every one: want help from someone here? Be kind in first place.

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i'm sorry and I apologize if you felt offended but it wasn't about you.

i speak little English and quest is frustrating to me.


I was not even worried if the answer was about me, I can perfectly live with that, as I don't live according to other people's opinions.

My understanding about your answer, was that you were completely disappointed with ComfortClick. Even before getting a real answer for your real problem.

If you don't speak English very well, that's ok, you can use google translator and we will understand for sure. I'm sure that everyone will make an effort to try to understand what you're trying to say. Heck, I even replied to someone who posted something in another language, I copied the text and went to google translator.

But if you need help with anything about ComfortClick, you need to specifically tell us what you're trying to achieve, so we can try to help or tell you if that's doable or not.

There's a bunch of talented professionals here at the forum, some of them are just users, others are power installers, and everyone's here to help, at least it's supposed to (yeah, you find loads of people hanging around looking for easy and quick answers to their problems, and then vanish until needing help again).

So, if you need help, try to explain in detail what you're trying to achieve, and don't worry with the bad english.

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