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How to change bar type to Knob ?

Ali Hamza 2 years ago updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 2 years ago 3
Under review

Hello Ali,

can you clarify a bit more what you mean by the request? Maybe send some screenshots or examples? Any additional information will be helpful with the request.

Best regards.


change brightness or set shutter level by a circul bar



I'm afraid that it's not possible on the current UI.

Nonetheless, if you make the control big enough to show the slider circle, you can actually use the slider directly on the UI by moving the slider circle, without opening the percentage bar.

Kind of click > move > release

So, in practice, your control needs to be big enough that you can see the slider circle like this on the visualization:

If the control is small enough, then probably you won't be able to see the circle and will have to press the slider to pop up the percentage bar.

So to replicate your example, I think that the example below probably is the most similar thing you can do (I've changed to colors to look similar to your image). But it's not possible to have the slider in circular shape, just vertical or horizontal shape.

Turned on / off examples:

Things to consider for better experience: disable the "Update Values While Moving" on the Operation menu.

Best regards