Calculation - boolean expressions

matej bregar 3 years ago updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 3 years ago 3

Hi there,

is it possible to set object state depending on variable value, like that:

MySchedule.Enabled = varState.Value = 1

or multiple if statements are required?




It should work with a task to assign the varState you want (IF x=abc; SET VALUE y=def). 

Well, not quite the solution I ask for...

I have multiple schedules and I would like to put radio-button style buttons (one schedule turned on, all other must be off). Button press can set variable value, and one task (onValueChanged) could then activate/deactivate schedules.

I had to make radio-style ventilation buttons for a client. If one if the modes is set to true it turns off all other modes and exits. You could use the same logic, turns one scheduler On and all other disables.