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kodi error

Pavel Todorov 4 years ago updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 4 years ago 3


i`m trying to connect to local kodi server o my pc and i get an  Error : Devices\Kodi (1) : Unauthorized (401) POST: jsonrpc

Can you help me ?

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did you double check the login credentials you entered in your Kodi settings? Unauthorized error shows you might have the login credentials wrong.

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all the credentials are correct, do i need to enable RPC api, if yes what credentials should i use for it


HTTP: In System/Settings/Network/Services activate Allow control of Kodi via HTTP

TCP: In System/Settings/Network/Services activate Allow programs on this system to control Kodi for localhost access only and Allow programs on other systems to control Kodi for access from other computers as well

Also, check what ports are listening on Kodi, and set the username and password. Usually it's Username: kodi Password: kodi, but please check it on Kodi settings.

On my RPi the port was 8080 and not 9090. That depends on the Kodi distribution, you need to double check that