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Controller transfer

Noel Fuentes 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

Hello everyone,

I don't know how other colleagues do it. When it's needed a Virtual Assistan, what we are doing is change the password temporarily, so the end user can add the devices to the Assistant (after picking their controller from the entire controller list), and then change back the password again.

In order to keep our "admin" account, I think I´d could be nice some kind of account for this "end user" or something so they can add the devices with their own password just for their controller.

Or maybe just add a "Controller transfer" option or something like that. So we can transfer the controller to the end user via e-mail or something.

Hope you're all doing fine and safe.

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not quite sure if I fully understand the question; for any temporary remote support Remote user can be added into the configurator and client can enable/disable this user and allow remote support if required.

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Thanks for your reply. Sorry if I didn't explain myself. What I meant was this:

When the end user needs to add Alexa devices (endpoints in bOS Config), they need to sign in to your website (comfortclick.com) from the Alexa skill in the Alexa app.

What I do now, in order to keep all the servers in my account, is to change the password of my account in your website, so the users can sign in. Once the added the devices in their Alexas, I change my password back again.

What I think it would be nice is some kind of "End user" permission in your website to let them sign in when Alexa skill asks for the user, password and project.

Hope I've explained myself now.

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Basically Noel is using his account to register all his costumers servers.

When he updates Alexa or Google devices on a certain costumer server, the costumer needs to enter Google Home / Alexa app, and re-authorize / update the ComfortClick skill for the devices endpoints update.

When this happens, the costumer needs to enter the ComfortClick account to choose the server, which unfortunately is Noel's account. And Noel doesn't want to do that, because that means either change his password temporarily, or give is actual password. And even more problematic, the costumer will see the list of servers registered, and have to choose the correct one (sh*t may happen).

Well, I don't think that there's any workaround for that. And I personally think that you should register the costumer server with the costumer email address and not yours (even though I understand the purpose). I do the same has you, but only for a very small group of users (like 3), who don't even use Alexa or Google skills.

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Hi Ricardo,

I'm definitely considering the use of the customer's email address, but sometimes thats not possible because we don't have direct contact with them. Besides I like not to bother our customers with all this things. But since the arrival of Alexa/Google home, I think will do that from now on.

That's why I think it would be fine an account transfer or sometinhg like that. So when all the work is done, the only thing you need to do is enter the customer's email to transfer the property of the account to the customer. I don't know, it was just an idea. If nobody is in need of this, just forget it.

Thanks for listening :)

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oh I see the problem now, allowing clients into the main account can cause issues indeed, we will see if a "temporary" password or something in this direction would be possible on our site that will allow a more "smoother" transition and resolve some issues that you or any other with similar problem is facing. Can't say for sure IF/WHEN this could be integrated into our web page.

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Thanks. Maybe it's easier to implement a full account transfer to the customers entering their email (wih some validation) or something.

Anyways, thanks for considering our ideas.

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