bOS Phone app

Kristián Vojčík 5 years ago updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 5 years ago 8

Hello. I can not find bOS Phone app on play store or on your website. Did you cancel app or just doing remaking of it?

But I mean bOS phone app not bOS client.

Not sure to understand. This is the Android client app (working on phone also).

For any type of app, see https://www.comfortclick.com/Software

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There were app for SIP phone it was called bOS phone

Got it now... sorry.

No idea, I'll let the ComforClick team answer...

They have removed it from the play store. I really hope they will integrate it inside the main app/bOS configurator now. So there is no need for a separate app. Also make it more reliable. 

As i've tested the old app it really didn't work well for me.  The best SIP phone app is still Grandstream Wave in my mind( sec. best was the old 2n app that was removed too, it works with some mishaps and has a 4 lock door button).  It's the only app that stay's online even after network change. GS wave's only problem it has is that it does not have a separate button for opening the door(They have their own GDS unit that has that function) you will need to input the DTFM code from the keypad.

Integrated door phone/sip support is a must in any home automation system imo. So i really really hope they will fix it now.

Have you some reliable SIP server? 

I've been using 3CX. So far its ok, their sip app isn't that good though, because no option for video feed yet.
So in tablets i've been using the old 2N app with another app that restarts it and reopens it once every day. In mobiles ive been suggesting GS wave if the client is ok with it. For older people it's maybe too complicated.