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Newest BETA. Jigsaw stopped working

Joachim 5 years ago updated by ComfortClick Support 5 years ago 1

So. I'm of the impatient type and just had to test the recent beta release. 🤣😤

All devices were lost. Just the folders in the configurator was left.

In the add devices dialog just two devices availible. LG and Samsung TV.

Tried the "repair server option" and now the device has stopped working all together.

It responds on ping but gives "error connecting" in the configurator.

Now what? Is it poossible to make a fresh install on the SD card from a PC? Reset button?

Under review


some issues may occur when updating to the latest beta version and the devices list. This may happen because the configurator does not quite update and sync with the new beta version. If this happens, you can open your web browser and enter following into the URL:
"IP of the Jigsaw"/Install/BOSConfigSetup.msi

and download the configurator. Similar steps are for windows machine, we also made a manual regarding this.

Currently, on the Jigsaw, revert is not possible, we will need to remove the building folder.

You can contact me: david.boben@comfortclick.com and I can connect to the Jigsaw, remove the building folder and make it working again. We're working hard on resolving this issue.

Best regards.