KNX blind with tension free contact

Antonio Cano 5 years ago updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 5 years ago 4


I want to "press a button" in Comfortclik, to open a Blind, that send to knx a True and False command (in the same order o comand in knx 1/1/10), the two commands, one after another. Why that? Because the blind need a contact without tension (on + off in knx) the same like a lock.

In KNX I have that in a command that commands "on" when I press the button and commands "off" when I stop pressing.

Can somebody help me?

Thanks :)


Not sure I really understand, but if I got it right, I would believe the best would be to write a program to send the true followed by the false command and associate this program to the button as the trigger...

Hope it helps

Yes, that's it. But when I do it, it leaves the external control of the blind unusable and the shutter works perfectly only with the comfortclik.


No. You just need to use the external control (switch I guess) as a trigger, linked to your CC button or program... I have few of them linked like that in my installation, it works like a charm.




So what you're looking for is a simple trigger, with a on duration of let's say 1s, just to pulse an output, right?

Check the output actuator, usually it has timers, where you can set a 1s on duration.

And then you can use a button on bOS to send always send "true" to the timer start object when pressed. So you press the button, the output closes, and after a second it opens. It basically pulses the output.

I use it a lot for garage doors opening, to arm/ disarm systems etc...

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