Using sun position to assist in sun protection automation

Joachim 6 years ago updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 6 years ago 1

I have a KNX light sensor on my roof. Problem is that I'm having difficulties separating direct morning light and indirect light in the afternoon.

When I found the sun position parameter I included it into my automation, ruling out any position the sun is blocked by other buildings or is hitting other sides of my house.

After first day of testing this i see that this position stops at 100. I guess this means that this actually is not referring to the suns position, but more a percentage of time the sun is over the horizon.

A calculated parameter with the suns position relative to the compass would be great for this purpose.

Other suggestions are welcome


As far as I understand, Sun position on bOS was created for "simple implementations" from sunrise to sunset, rather than for complex tasks (like the info provided in The Photographer's Ephemeris app). That's why it stops at the "100" position.

Never noticed if the Sun position parameter is 100% accurate nor if it takes into account the information provided from the Lat Lon. But if you feel that you need more specific data from the Sun, you can try to find any powerful Sun API, and extract that information for bOS.

If it's publically available, it should not be hard to get that into bOS. If I find any useful information, I'll keep you posted.

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