Biamp Tesira Forte integration

Alex K. 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

I am trying to control a Biamp Tesira Forte device.

Biamp has an API that supports connection through telnet and ssh.

If you make a telnet connection no username/password is needed.

You just paste the command press enter and the command is executed.

The command that I send is Level3 increment level 1 5. It increases the volume on the first audio output channel.

I use a Basic device to build my connection but the command fails.

Using a Basic device the telnet connection is established when I send the command?

I am asking because it takes some time for the Biamp to print its telnet banner and let you input a command so maybe that's why my command fails.

Is there a way to add a delay before sending the command?

Also the returned data is scrambled characters and I don't understand what is says.

What kind of basic connection did you select ? Make sure you select TCP, port 23. The encoder should be ASCII and parser should be text.

For the command and feedback format, you should refer to the TESIRA doc Tesira Text Protocol .


Hello Fabien,

yes I have all the options correct and I tried also with UTF8/Unicode but I think that the problem is that comfortclick doesn't establish a telnet session it just dumps/send the command to the specified address at the specified port.

Capturing ethernet data I see that the device receives the package containing the command as a text string inside the body of the ethernet packet.

If I connect through putty I see many more packets between my pc and the tesira that establish the connection and at the last packets I can locate the command that I send.

Reading this 


it seems that tesira needs to establish a connection through session negotiation before accepting a command. From what I understand comfort click uses a "raw" connection as described in the Tesira documentation and for this type of connections it suggests the following

The control system needs to react to any incoming string that begins with 0xFF, and decide whether the option is desired or not. If the intent is to control Tesira using a ‘raw’ connection, all that’s required is to always reject the option negotiation. If Tesira sends a “WILL” Command, the control system shall respond with “DON’T”and if Tesira sends a “DO”, the response should be “WON’T”. The Option byte needs to be returned as received. In essence, the mechanism is as follows:

So is there a way to make comfort click to reject all session options and finally establish an actual tcp connection and send a command?

If not, does comfort click support the use of putty or any other program to establish a telnet session and send a command?