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Can't access https site

Francisco Oliveira 6 years ago updated by ComfortClick Support 6 years ago 5

Dear All

I have the server running on widows 7 starter.

I can access the server trough http://<your local IP>/ but from https://<your local IP>/ doesn't work.

I've checked the ports and they aren't blocked in the firewall.

I think this is the reason I can't put my alexa working (in the site appears that "she" makes connection trough https).

Can anyone help me?


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please try removing Comfortclick certificate and try again.

To delete the certificate: stop your bOS server, in windows, open certlm.msc, find comfortclick certificate, delete it, start the server and check if it is working correctly.

Best regards.

Hello Thanks for your answer.

In this windows, there isn't the certlm.msc, I've used certmgr.msc, but in the list of certificates there isn't any from comfortclick.

Can you help me?



Is it Windows 10?

On Windows 10, open mmc on the console.

File > Add / Remove Snap In > click on Certificates > Click on Add > Choose computer account > Let it be on Local computer

Comfortclick will show up under "Certificates" > "Personal" > "Certificates".

Best regards

I'm using windows 7. using certmgr.msc doesn't appear any comfortclick certificate...

Can you help me on this?

I need the https working in order to be able to communicate with alexa...

thanks in advance.

Try finding certlm.msc, there should be in the windows 7 you're using. Before removing the certificate, stop the server. The https connection should be working, if still face issues, we can try a teamviewer session to try to resolve the issue together.

Best regards.