Under review

Lutron Lightning

kusanghi 6 years ago updated by ComfortClick Support 6 years ago 1


I enjoyed the BOS software.

It fits in my country and my buildings under construction.
The device I'm using: modbus, DSC, Cameras, Global Cache was BOS support.
Lighting control I use of Lutron, if BOS support, my solution will improve better.

If it was, I can pay the fee so you can write more lutron Lutron?: driver integration protocol

Under review


great to hear you are enjoying our software. Integrating lutron devices could come in handy for our users indeed, if the inquiry increases and people show interest in implementing lutron devices, creating a lutron driver will become our higher priority. Since lutron lighting would be quite a big project and would take quite some time to implement and optimise with bOS, but this request has been noted and I will schedule a meeting regarding the lutron lighting implementation.

Best regards.