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IKEA and yr.no integration

Joachim 7 years ago updated by Michael AGNANO 5 years ago 10


I would love to have yr.no as my weather service. I think they provide better accuracy for Europe compared to yahoo.com

Should be possible to have a module for it.

Check this example page for possibilities: https://www.yr.no/place/Germany/Hamburg/Hamburg/data.html

Also, any plans for integration of IKEA Trådfri products?

Perhaps allowing 3rd party developers to develop plugins for bOS would boost its popularity?

Under review


in current version of bOS (bOS4) only yahoo weather is available. However, in the new version of bOS (bOS5) we will try to improve the weathering system and try to implement additional weather information providers.

Many 3rd party developers can and already use and develop plugins, custom drivers and tasks in the bOS. This all depends on the tasks and drivers themselves. Most popular driver would be our HTTP or BASIC driver, for now, IKEA uses zigbee protocol, which we currently cannot use in bOS, they are aiming to provide their hardware to as many users and developers as possible so if they go to a even more open source route, then adding IKEA products will definitely be in our plans for the future.

Best regards.

Hi Joachim,

As ComfortClick Support said, there's the possibility to implement third-party data with Http and Basic drivers.

As a matter of fact, I decided to investigate the xml data from Yr weather service, and I was able to successfully extract data to bOS, so with some patience, maybe you can implement your own Yr Weather service on bOS.

Best regards

Thanks for your answer. I'm not sure why implementing zigbee would be a problem as I see other systems support this protocol. But i'm not a developer. What is the time schedule for releasing bOS5?


Each manufacturer has it's own API. So, as much as I would like bOS to support every IoT device, I completely understand that there is a roadmap, and they focus on important integration rather than the implementation of every fresh new devices. It takes time, and resources, which may be allocated in other things, like bug tracking, new developments, etc.

While Http and Basic nodes on bOS allow us to integrate third party services, I understand that for non-developers is quite boring not to be able to use third party services without any help. But also, I understand that it's not always possible for Comfortclick team to "stop" what they're doing to help out in third party integration. I believe that they do this depending on their possibilities.

As for me, as a professional, I try to help when I can, or when I have some spare time, because I believe that while helping others I also learn something new. Either way, when I do this, I'm revealing "secrets" to my competition. So, I try to help with as little detail as I can. Then, each one need to figure it out how to make it work.

What major differences whil bOS5 bring us?

So I downloaded the example on parsing weather data


It seems pretty straight forward in terms of getting the values from the XML file in the example.

However the XML-file I have to work with have a more complicated tree structure.

How do I write the token if I for instance want the "-2.0" celsius value from weatherstation "19710"?


edit: link to xml for reference.


Hi Joachim,

Here's the implementation, it's working: Casa-Yr.no XML.bos

It's easier to use the xml to json function on bOS, and extract the desired string value. In this case, the correct token is: weatherdata.observations.weatherstation[1].temperature.@value

If you use an online parser, it's easier to test it out first.


Use the most recent JSONPath 0.8.3

If you need other weatherstation, you need to change the index of the weatherstation between the brackets

Thanks a lot. Managed to get some values from this XML now. 

Beeing a rookie on the subject. How/from where do you get the data to paste in the online parser? Tried a couple of online xml to json converters with no luck


After you create the command, inside the command, you get on the top several tabs "Settings", "Values", "Functions"...

If you go to Values tab, if the command succeeded, you get a Response Data, and a Response Data Xml To Json.

If you click on the Response Data Xml To Json field, the text looks like it disappears, but it's actually there. So you can press right mouse button, click on select all, then right mouse button again and click copy.

Then you can paste the Json response where you need it.

The fact of clicking the field and the text looks like it's missing, I don't know why, maybe it's a bug. But you can get the Json response anyway...

Looks like IKEA is on its way in to Comfortclick?

I also noticed support for Samsung and LG TV's on the web page.

I'm looking forward to play around with new functionality!


About Zigbee, you can use this https://koenkk.github.io/zigbee2mqtt/ (Zigbee2MQTT) and JSON with bOS. It works with a lot of zigbee's devices

Thank's to the bOS's Team for new Plugins ;o)))