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Is it possible to dim several lights with a single control?

Scott White 7 years ago updated by ComfortClick Support 7 years ago 1

I have several light in a single room each on individual KNX dimmers.  For each I have a group address that I can use to set the value (DPT_Scaling).  I am able to associate these with individual Object Controls with the template of Dimmer and dim them all individually.  I see how I can setup a scene to use a control to set them all to a specific value, but I have to preset that control .  How do I add a single Dimmer control that dims more than one light?

I know I could use ETS5 to create another group address that had more than one dimmer in that but that does not help me if one light is KNX and the other is a different protocol 

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yes, you can use our program task and use one dimmer variable or button as a constant for other dimmers (change one dimmer, others will use the same value)

I've made a very simple example for you, which you can find in the attachment.

Best regards.Multiple_dimmers.bos