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Trying to integrate jigsaw with knx

Dev Venba 7 years ago updated by ComfortClick Support 7 years ago 3

Hai I am trying to integrate knx with jigsaw I am not using any knx IP interface.connection type as jigsaw whether I need to purchase any Ip interface or without Ip interface can do it.

This device has a IP interface KNX included.

But I read it also uses a USB for the KNX integration. Has anybody tried with USB?

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if you're using our KNX jigsaw then additional KNX IP interface isn't required, you can use the KNX interface already included in the jigsaw, like Mr. Toni mentioned in the comment above.

If you're gonna use any other controller (grinder, Jigsaw Z-wave, etc) then yes, additional hardware is required.

Both of our Jigsaw controllers do not support USB KNX integration.

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