Android app fullscreen

stephen andries yesterday at 2:58 a.m. updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 12 hours ago 5

Is there a way to disable the app from locking to full screen?

When opening the BOS app, i get a prompt saying to unmount the fullscreen i need to press and hold the buttons 'recent' and 'back'.

I don't want the prompt to come on everytime i open the app. Also i don't want the app to lock to fullscreen, forcing me to press the 2 buttons before i can exit the app.

how can i disable it?


Log out and select settings from the upper right corner. Deselect Fullscreen options and login again.

thanks for the reply, but I've already tried both settings. Enabled and disabled, but no difference

Then try to reinstall or clear app data. Seems like a bug.

tried both uninstalling, and erasing all cash and data. But it doesn't work. No issues on iphone, only on android

Well this isnt how it should behave by default. If you have Public mode and fullscreen not selected or active it shouldnt go into fullscreen. Maybe you have something on the device itself that switches the app to fullscreen?