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Is it possible to run an inverted scene?

Pavlos Laskas 3 months ago updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 3 months ago 3

I run comfortclick configured scenes with the press of a KNX button. It would be handy if I could run the same scene inverted (to turn off the specific lights for example)

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Hello Pavlos,

for now you cannot just run the same scene but inverted, you will need to press the wheel button for scene settings and change the values from true to false, or of course have an additional scene with inverted values.

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There is no such thing as reverse scene. It is very difficult for my clients also to understand. You can call the scene and specific commands are sent. The same thing is with scene status that is difficult to explain to costumer that why the status button goes off if one light from the scene is changed. In theory you can use reverse scene only for ON/OFF. If you have a value then you understand that you can not have reverse scene.



Honestly, it's the first time I see someone asking for this sort of inverted scenes.

I think that's almost the same than having two different scenes, and you can call 1 from the short press and call 2 from the long press, I use if quite often especially on the buttons right next to the beds. This way you can use a single button for 2 scenes.

As for the scene status that Tanel referred, I understand that the status is quite misleading for some clients, that's why I disable it, so the clients only fire up the scene and don't have to pay attention to the scene status.

Nonetheless, I have separated scenes buttons, and on top I place again the scenes but just with the indicators, together with other useful information indicators, kind of general information from the overall system.

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