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property changed error references

Luc 1 year ago updated by Fatlum Telaku 1 year ago 3


I get the following error:

Devices : 07/04/2023 20:02:50 : Error : Devices\KNX\Zentral\Wetterstation\Dämmerung : PropertyChanged Error References. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at ComfortClick.Tasks.TaskTriggers.IfTrigger.OnPropertyChanged (System.String deviceName, System.String propertyName, System.Object value) 0x0003a in <018cf2e87d74455f87f7a657f2cf0c78>:0
at BOSCommon.References.ValueReference.ObjectValueChanged (System.String path, System.String propertyName, System.Object value) 0x00020 in <9cf46083622746b19c87ec03af0965e6>:0
at BOSCommon.Node.Attributes.NodeValueData.ObjectValueChanged (System.Object value) 0x00045 in <9cf46083622746b19c87ec03af0965e6>:0

Unfortunately I have no idea where this might come from. The object that seems to cause the problem is coming from the weather station - nightly twilight.

Any idea what might cause the error?

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Hello Luc,

did you try removing the group address and then add it back in with correct types and templates and check if the issue persists?

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I'm getting the same type of error, but in my case the error is coming from a MQTT configuration (as you can see on the picture attached).
Any idea what to do to deal with this?

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Image 4547

I got the solution.
The problem wasn't anything with server. The problem was on the configuration of MQTT because I set the parser type as JSON and it needed to be Text.