Connection settings

BACnet is a communication protocol for building automation and control (BAC) networks that use the ASHRAE, ANSI, and ISO 16484-5 standards protocol.

Select the appropriate connection type. In usual setups, the default settings are already okay. Always read the manual of the device where all connection settings are listed with additional information for connection. You just have to select the serial port for MSTP. For PTP you have to enter all the details (serial port, baud and password).


When bOS receives IAM response from any BACnet device for the first time, it will try to add it under the main BACnet node. These are the settings where you can define what happens after that.

  • Retrieve Objects: If set to true, bOS will ask newly added device for list of BACnet objects. When you finalize your configuration, it is recommended that you set this to false, so that you do not have unnecessary nodes appearing in your configuration, when adding other BACnet devices to the network.
  • Generated Node Names: This setting defines how BACnet object names are generated upon discovery. There are three options. Name is object name, ObjectIdentifier is a string containing information of object type and instance. It can also be set to Both.
  • Enable Sorting: If set to true, bOS will sort BACnet object list by object type and instance upon discovery. If set to false, the BACnet objects will appear in the same order as bOS receives them.

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The link below provides a step-by-step instructional video on how to modify connection settings, update addresses, and configure feedback.

Youtube video