Color Light

Color Light node represents the Hue lamp connected to the system. The Hue Light Number defines the address of the lamp. User can change the lamp color, using Color in Values tab, the user can also change the brightness, temperature and of course turn the lamp on/off. 

All the functions and values under each HUE lamp can, of course, be used in the configuration to control and manipulate the lamp according to the environment and/or current scene. Every lamp needs to be powered on before controlling the color or temperature. Changing settings before turning the lamp on will not affect the lamp.

Image 3915

By selecting the Color function, full color wheel will appear allowing us to control the color of the lamp. Dragging and dropping the lamp into the visualization and selecting the color function will automatically create a colorPicker, where the clients can change the color of the lamp in the bOS Client.

Image 3916