IR Device

IR Device node represents the device controlled by the Global Cache. Under IR Device node multiple commands and states can be added (Command, Boolean, List, Menu). IR codes for most of the devices can be imported from the database by clicking on the device and Import database button. There is an extended library with hundreds of brands and devices.

IR codes can be learned with GC-IRL device or with ItachFlex. All IR codes can be entered in HEX (Philips Pronto) or GC-IRL (Global Cache IR Learner) format. 

Image 3879

You can also learn the commands through bOS Configurator with the use of the Learn IR Code in IR device node settings. By clicking on the learn button the IR learning connection form is displayed.

IR end delay specifies the delay in ms for an end of a command. Shorter end delays produce shorter codes. Some experimenting is needed to get a suitable end delay for a particular device.

Command name text box should be filled and the button on the IR remote should be pressed. The learned code is displayed in the IR code text box. By clicking on the Learn button, the command will be inserted into the command list. Additional commands can be learned if necessary. By clicking on the close button learned commands will be added to the configuration.

Alternatively you can use the iLearn Software for learning IR codes and use copy paste to insert commands into bOS. Before using the GC-IRL command, the GC-IRL string should be stripped so that it begins with the frequency parameter.

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