Modbus address settings

Selecting each Modbus address provides additional information and settings. Checking the device's manual is crucial, so the correct address, type and format is used so we receive correct response from the device. bOS Starts the modbus count with 0, not with 1 like many other modbus programs and device's manual, so make sure you correct the address accordingly (this can also be changed by enabling Address Offset in the main Modbus node. Enabling this function will make bOS start the address count with 1.

Send Data Cyclically

This function allows us to contantly send current sentpoint value to the device. Minimum cyclical delay is 1minute.


Each Modbus address can either be:

     - Holding register - Read/write type.

     - Input register - Read only.

Depending on the address type, different format data can be selected.

  • IEEE32Bit
  • Unsigned16Bit
  • Signed16Bit
  • Signed32Bit
  • Signed64Bit
  • Unsigned32Bit
  • Unsigned64Bit

Depending on what type of values the device is sending to modbus, change the data type accordingly. If for any reason the data received is offset, you can tweak the Scale Factor function to receive the correct data.


We can use the different modbus address to receive current status or feedback of the address, by enabling Use Status Address function. Same as with the normal address, cyclical read and status table can be tweaked.

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