Message settings

Message task allows us to send alerts, notifications, push notifications, emails and text messages to our clients informing them about the events in the building.

We can select which recipient (user) will receive the notification. We can select a subject of the notification if needed.

To prevent frequent message settings, we can enable Block sending and set a delay in minutes, so the messages are less frequent.

We can send a image notification, with specific sound or text to speech message.

Trigger is used to set when the notification is sent to the client. This can be anything in the configuration (time, movement, event, device, consumption, etc). 

Under text we add our message for the notification. If we have HTML knowledge, we can also add HTML code with data for displaying current status or alert of the building, using visual aid as well.

Emails with additional HTML code for visually displaying status are shown in our step by step tutorial video:

Youtube video

We can send static messages, or we can send current values of the devices or statuses by adding our values under Values option. To call these values in the message, we have to use %x (x being the number of the value).

If we want to send emails or SMS messages, make sure email address and phone number (with GSM settings set under Messaging node in configurator) is filled out so bOS knows where to send the notification.

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