Presence simulator Settings

Presence Simulator simulates building's occupancy by randomly switching different devices ON and OFF. Presence simulator can also manipulate the shade position or control any other device in the building and can make the building look very much alive.

The list of devices, seen under settings, can contain boolean values (True/False) or integer values (0-100%). At interval defined by Interval setting the simulator turns OFF all devices from list and randomly chooses the next devices to turn ON (number of devices is set by Number Of Devices To Actuate). The settings of the Presence Simulator can also be changed from the user interface. Presence simulator can also turn on any device in the building (e.g. TV, radio or any other distracting devices). Presence simulator also comes with a pre-built UI for user to control their building while they’re way. Users can enable/disable it, change the number of devices affected, change the interval and so on.

Image 4361

We can add a night value condition as well, which will stop the presence simulator if the light value is False. 

We can also enable sleep time, which means the presence simulator will stop working after the set time.