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This is still a problem.  I have a licensed server v4.3.6 running on Windows 10.  I can connect to it reliably with the Android Client running on a tablet and the Windows Client on 2 separate PCs.  From my iPad and my iPhone I can connect to the server using Safari to both the local address and the public address but the bOS client for iOS will not connect on my iPad or my iPhone either while on my Wireless network or using the 4G on my iPhone.

If you click on the newly imported profile from the screen entitled bOS Client the first time it will generally try to connect very briefly and then return to this screen.  Clicking again will just sit at the page with the b)S logo in the center, the name of my controller at the top and the word disconnect at the bottom

I have tried

1) Deleting and re-importing the profile on the App

2) Deleting the entry called "Scott's iphone" under user

3) Removing and re-installing the application on the iphone

My iPhone 7 and iPad Pro are both running iOS 10.3.3 (14G60).  I gt the same result on an iPad Air 2 running 11.0.2 (15A421)