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which SIP server you are using. Please ensure that you are providing the right URL for 2N to work. Also be specific with your 2N model number ( Vario / Verson / IP Solo etc )


Anyone getting feedback from the second channel of Fibaro dual channel relay when the action is done from switches. The first channel was found to be ok. When we turn ON and OFF the switch connected to first channel of fibaro dual channel relay, we can have the feedback shown on Bos client. The same is not happening for second channel. Everyone is saying that the beta version is not stable and can create issues ( since the project is very big and many devices are already assiciated ). 

In IOS, I can't find tasker !

I may use linphone in iOS. Requirement is opening linphone app from Bos CLient in iOS and opening Bos Client from linphone. Can you recommend anything else other then tasker that will perform the job ?

any idea when it will be available for iOS ?

Also how we can come back from BOS phone to Bos Client. Actually our client don't want separate app for Video intercom and automation. Now we can create link from Bos client to Bos phone, but what about the vice versa ?

Regarding Bos phone opening from Bos Client, please comment for the URL !

Also please let us know when BOS phone for iOS will be available ?

How can we open apk file from bOS configurator?

But I read it also uses a USB for the KNX integration. Has anybody tried with USB?


I am facing issues in getting feedback on the controller while operating external switch for Fibaro and MCO Home switches. Both the dimmers provide feedback but switches don't.

I have associated the controller also but no luck. Can somebody please guide me on how to do this? Do I need to set any parameter. The parameter tab is empty right now.