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Yes I reach point where I can add boolean but not double and when I add one communication stop working all together no sending no receiving it says connected and half second later it says disconnected and it try reconnect but no luck there. If it could help I can send you whole configuration if you want look at it.

But it is issue on Jigsaw side or the other because with PLC only I have tested in couple of hundred addresses and it works no problem, and also Modbus run over TCP IP so there is no dongle. It is possible if there is some limitation in Jigsaw it could be fix in some update perhaps?

And also total value in graph setting is changing but sum and graph itself do not.

When I try set it to Sk region, Jigsaw crash and not let my connect to it any more. :( And it need hard reset to default to let it work again.

Working! Only few things but better than nothing. For beta it's good enough but still needs lot of work.

Hello, today I was tinkering around settings in bOS and find out that IP configurator is working but I am running bOS Beta. It worked for me so please try that.

Hi I been trying 2N to get working but no luck can you help me with that? Thanks.

I use Onvif Device Manager. Yes I try to re-adding and many other settings like change password from moderate to easy. Yea I know it should work when it works in other programs but no luck. And also that the second camera from different manufacturer. Also when I try to add it manualy it works, but I rather use auto add in configurator because it is faster and dont need to findout stream string for every type of cameras. 

Hi Isaac.

Of course I can help you. But I suggest you to try help section in bOs, it is very good and detailed, about cameras I try only one type of Vivotek camera so there is a chance I wont be able to help you. Everything else I shoud be able to help with, but it will be better if we can communicate over Email so I can send you some example. Or if you have specific question feel free to ask. :)

Yes we try it on 3 devices but still not working. Ok I send report from app crash. Thanks for suggestion. And do you planing to implement SIP in bOS in future?