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Can anybody acces Jigsaw Config over internet on 4.5.5?

Hello. In last few months I been having Jigsaw KNX issue where KNX cannot connect to KNX bus. In the end I have been forcet to use external IP/KNX device. In last update there was KNX improvments in notes but same problem is occuring. Any solution for this?

Reinstall didnt fix it for me. I try remove all files from C: drive and than install it but no luck. 

Have you some reliable SIP server? 

There were app for SIP phone it was called bOS phone

But I mean bOS phone app not bOS client.

Anybody who get Google assistatnt to work? If yes please make simple How to guide.


I have same problems with SVG at start. Picture should have 256pix x 256pix size, or background of 512pix x 256pix with two pic of 256pix x 256pix. Try resize it and try again.


it is not necessary hard to code, if you have some skills with html and css you should be good. But if you want "100%" compatibility with bOS there are some rules to follow. A have hard time getting it to work with bult in color change. But in the end it works. And also please CC team let us change icon for weather so we can use cool animation :)

I found the solution for low res/high PC usage issue of gif. I am using svg animation instead. Yes it is little bit harder to make and code but it works great on mobile and WEB, but in Windows client it dont becouse of old something.... Example: on Google Chrome it works but on EE it wont it is just static. But svg is lossless format so nice smooth edges. 2018_11_29_08_18_38.mp4