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You also can do "if" check to see if the button is pressed and than do small delay and increment counter and than restart function. That will be looping until you release button.

Yes I try that too.


Yes app stop responding and must be restart but after login you must click away from that page otherwise it freeze again. Itry remove it and it works but after I put it back get same problem. Yes page has specific background but on all other devices is working. On that page is shown 3 frames of 3 boolean state and 3 bar graphs. I was thinking about to many things on page but on another it work fine with even more things shown.

I have issue on last I think 4.5.14 it is. But it is strange all iOS devices works and android too but Samsung ones dont. 

Hi. I try that too but no luck. And also tts is working but push notification not.

Yes it endup in KNX node. I use .est.

Camera discovery works great in past versions but in latest ones seems to be broken.

Same issue on few Jigsaws but not on all of them. Very rando.