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I have a 3rd part application that currently update and writes serveral values to an SQL database, it's not possible for me to intercept all this data before they got writen in the database.

So i was thinking if it was possíble to create a few individual scripts, (like the datapoints in KNX) to monitor the change in specific colluns, selecting the most recent value acquired. That way, i could use the bOS to monitor a lot of sensors and other process steps.


I'm from Brazil, and unfortunately all the ISP are terrible, not just because the high prices but also because they keep all Ports closed, preventing me from use https or even AcessID...

There are a few cases that i have mannaged to redirect the acess through the router but sadly only with the http connection...

The App crashs when i try to interact with it, touching to conect to a server, or even trying to edit a previous configuration.


I'm having a similar issue using my IPAD, the manual configurations do not allow me to edit the Iocal address to use a http conection, after i type the address it is shown like this: "".

 I think that you guys are working to solve the problem pointed by Bart Schellens in a  update that was released yesterday, but now my app is just crashing when it is opened.

Any thoughts on that?

Jefferson Santos


i'm already familiar in the use of form panels, and i'm wondering if there is a way to close it through a button or a script (instead to touch the "x" in te up right corner)?

Thanks! I'm waiting for this for a loong time!

Hi Rubén, i went through this same problem.

I'm used to edit the image on the corel drawl and export as .png . The solution that i found was once that i have the .png file, is opening it on the and resize it to the lower resolution that i think that is acceptable.
This worked for me, i hope that helps you as well.