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Yes, that is partly true. Devices, Admin and Users but if you need the Monitor / Debug log you need to record events and if bOS config dies then you need to re-enable record. Debug and Monitor would be logs that would be really handy to have when there are some problems that needs to be investigated. This could be a configurable log with number of days saved and so like log rotating.

Sounds great that the automatic log is planned. Hope this also will include the monitor feature and also be able to save a couple of days logs without trust the client and record feature.

Hi Fabien. Thanks! Starting a http command with "/" was the problem. Tested to change this before updating to beta and it works now. More or less all my HTTP Devices was with this convention and I had to change all before the problem was gone.

@ComfortClick Please update documentation!

After changing the script and sending the athentication in header everything works. Thanks Ricardo for helping me in right direction!

Hi again.

I think I found a way to authenticate. It seems like I can not use the username/password in URL but need to make a auth in header instead. Will do some more tests and see if that is the solution of the problem.


Understand. It is very hard to say what is wrong.

Here is a screenshot from REST client.

Part of the URL is removed to not put upp any IP or user/password on this forum.

user/password: Set in ComfortClick. RPC set to enable

URL i use: https://user:password@<IP of ComfortClick server>/API/RPC/GetValue

Can not see that I have written this woring, right?

I'm also use IFTTT via RPC but not directly to server to not send things "over the internet" without any protection. Now this can be done if I can get RPC to work on my server.

Hi Ricardo.

Thanks for your reply!

I thought the port was kind of strange port so I even tested and did it again port 443, the standard port for ComfortClick.

Can connect but getting error 401 unathorized. user and password is correct and so on....

Using the new URL but getting the same problem.

I'm using RPC for a lots of integrations from other systems like OpenSprinkler, deCONZ, MQTT, Telldus.

This system push changes to ComfortClick via RPC.

Hi Ricardo.

Thanks for your reply!

Unfortantly this is not documented someware.

(Documentation still says port 81 and URL without API/RPC path)

Anyway I tried with the new port and path but still doesn't work.

Port is not bound to 553.Is there somthing more that needs to be done to get RPC to start?

Adding a screenshot of an netstat on my server(as you can see RPC is not bound:

netstat on my server

Screenshot from API/RPC

Having the same problem. Device HTTP Not found. Running version 4.6.24

@ComforClick Any news about this problem?

Hi. I'm away but will send it to you as soon as I'm back home, this weekend.

Hi Christiaens. 

Sure. Can you send me your email address and I will email to you.