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Hello everyone,

The fact that this is a Language Setting issue, passed from my mind when I saw the reply of Fabien Fuster. I thought: "He is either French or Spaniard (Is it so?!!). So, he uses a language setting different from English".

Before checking it out, the reply from David came.

I changed to French and!

I changed to French, for another reason, also. In Greek the date appears as ddmmYYYY but the time as AM/PM

You can check for yourselves, by choosing the different languages.

A good day to you all.


Hi Ricardo,

Than you for your reply.

As you can see, the time is set to 24h and the date to dd/mm/yyyy.

It is also bizzare that, in the CSV file, the date is correct but the time not (12 hour)!!!

This is what I get in Analog Log:

I think that David Boben has to give us an answer...