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What settings are you looking for?

Could you provide some screenshots, showing where possible bug might be?

Comfortclick does not have any documentation for that.

You can find documentation on Amazon for every controller.

You may want to use Lock Reference for doors. Lock reference uses LockController:

Here you can see which languages are supported and what can it do.

Sonos will receive some improvements in bOS 4. Probably this month.

It will also solve the group problem.

This shouldn't be in beta yet.

As you figured out, the google action for CC is not available.

It is now in certification phase. My guess is, it will take months to pass that.

We will change that.

Thanks Michael


sorry I did not expected that my previous reply will be posted here.

As you probably guessed, we have not looked at HA-Bridge yet ...

Ne vem kaj je to ha-bridge. Sem malo pogledal, pa sem našel to na
githubu, pa zgleda kar kompleksna zadeva. Da bi šel pa zdaj gledat
podrobnosti, bi pa rabil več časa ...

Hello musicfilife,

I have checked the alexa developer console and there is no new language. I have searched other resources as well and I didn't found anything about Jamaica ...

Skill is now available in the store.

Check it and see if it works.


we do not have any Axis or Foscam cameras. If anyone is willing to give us the access to your cameras, please send the email to, so we can check it and find the possible solution.

We would need a TeamViewer access to a computer that have access to a camera.

Best regards,

Tilen Suhadolnik