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ok, thanks.

Before we set the background image, with layout background is much better.

But we still have problems to show whole picture.

We use HD monitors (1920x1080), and olny if we use zoom funtion, we see whole layout.

In configurator we set the size on 1920x1080.

How we must to set pictuere size to se whole layout?

How is possible to reset zoom funtion?




We think is easier to have one user profile, where clients know his user/pass and depend of connecting device select his preferred profile.

Ok, if this isn't possible we will create two different user profile.


New question:

When making pages in »free positioning« mode, happens that on webbrowser when using zoom, control frame or object move from its default positon. The problem is that we have to have a floor plan in the background, so the frame or object must retain the position

How could we do it?

Best regards


thanks for your answer.

Ok, also we have found that, that is not alowed to change between themes.

Our clients wants, with the same users, change between mobile and desktop visualization.

So for this case we made different themes.

So only way to change themes is to logout / login ?


We resolved problem for scaling of Modbus registers.

We use two-program function, one for read value from device to CC, and second for write value from CC to device. The program is trigger by changing value (such as value from device) and set – write changing value to other value (to CC).

It works well, but you should not use “allow retrigger” option (uncheck).

Thanks for answer.

Chang of modbus holding register, can be made from device, and also from comfortclick panels.

How could do it, that it works in both direction?