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Hello Ricardo,

I was experiencing exactly the same problems. When starting a scene, after 2 seconds the first command was executed and after another 2 seconds the other command and so on!

When reading this I noticed that I also was using the BAOS 771 interface. I changed this interface to an ABB interface and the problem was solved.

There must be something wrong in the Weinzirl interface.

Kind regards,


Hello Ricardo,

thanks for the reply. What you describe here is a KNX scene that is called by Alexa. I want to do the opposite.

I want to push a button (or use a triggered command eg time based) and start music on my Amazon device. I have an Amazon speaker in my living room. So when I enter my home trough the front door, I deactivate my alarm system. This triggers a welcom home scene (opening roller, set heating, lights, ... and start the music in my house).

Is it possible to send a bOS command to start a playlist on Spotify?


Super, thank you for the quick reply. I had also tested some features and this works similar so I was on the right track.