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Hello, bOS configurator version is, BOSService is and BOSServiceMonitor is

But with this setup I was able to import KNX data before, did it some times because I had to chage some Group Addresses to best fit the bOS implementation. Now, even if I select only one parameter to import (or even none...) I always get the same error.

I checked now and the new KNX devices were added, despite the error. Could the problem be that there were already devices with those Group Adresses and now there are two devices with same G.A.s?


I managed to start the server but only in another computer. Deleting Building folder and reinstalling server app didn't solve because the same connections were still there!

Now I'm trying the system and have one question related to this problem:

- Is it possible to replace the server machine,rinstall the server app in another computer replacing the current one?



thank you for the info, but I still can't access Configurator.

In the first screen of configurator if I select "Local" I'm asked for Username and Password, tried "User" and "Pass" but doesn't login, nothing happens. I didn't change the default User and Password, maybe something went wrong when deleting users.

In the menu (top right) there is an "Add" option, which I tried, but the result is the same. In Manual Configuration, if I use "Find", I get 2 server options, both give the same result.

I would like to start again and use the free license, but re-installing the software leads me to the same result.

What can I do?