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Sorry, found time now:)

I got exactly same error, seems not connecting to SMA at all, no difference IP wrong or correct.

I have SMA Tripower, but can test in few days only.

Yes, can adept, but question Is there a risk custom design need adept again after android app update ?

sorry for posting to wrong place.

If im enter both local addresses then client can connect.

I think client don't tries use local, if ip not from same subnet.Working if server and client same subnet only.

wifi not in same subnet as server. there is multi buildings connected by vpn with routers.

Sure i can ping, access from phone or notebook to server (to all net) by local address.

There no parameter in client config, how client software decide use local or public address ?

yes, but server example is

android or ipad ip is .

Client not trying connect local address, automatically using public address.