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any update?

MQTT is now supported?

Hi Ricardo, Thanks for all the support, this is great!!, it will be great if we can share this plugin so comfortclick can add it to the example libriary list. are they still offering a jigsaw or a colibri as a reward? XD

hi ricardo i just sent you the email with the credentials, it will be great if we acomplish to connect tank utility to comfortclick

it will add a great tool to monitor propane gas tanks

Hi here is my email . miguel dot paredes at domytec dot com, i can share with you a old tank monitor account in case you need so you can help me out creating this integration

i case of the expiration token, i noticed that  by just changing the end cyclically delay option for http device on BOS can renew the token

thats the problem i am not able to create the others commands.

Ok let me show you how i am placing the commands

i am creating a new command and in the command line placing the command

and in header i am selecting the response data from the previous token command

but this is the value that is displaying

am i doing something wrong, can you please help me out on how to place this commands on comfortclick?


yes SNMP is a very important protocol for network device managment. Switches, Nas, and Even UPS comunicate using snmp. With this added. BOS can become a Full datacenter managment system

never mind i found the issue,, since it was connected to the Qmod master, comfortclick was not able to find the rs485 stick, now is connecting and working fine,later i will post a little guide on how to integrate this Device to BOS, in case some one would like to tinker with it as well, thanks for the support

Ji Jurgen Sorry for the delay, i am tinkering again with the relay board, as you mentioned  in the modbus value tab is appear as disconnected, so for some reason comfortclick is not detecting correctly the interface, here some picture

Thats Great, just to let you know this are the most used access control in latin america. (brands like Lenel, RBH,Suprema, Zkteco, Rosslare are the most used in North and latin America).