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I use google home every day for some requests and no issue. The connection is stable and work fine.

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today i tried to log in with several clients. Unable to connect. While looking I noticed that the bos configurator and bos client windows did not update the public IP address.

Of course the dynamic IP is true and no change on my account

On the apps it's ok.

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Same error. For fix it temporarily I put the same local IP address to the public address.

Of course the externally connexion doesn't work.

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Did you plane a date  for integrate the SIP protocol ?

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Good news I have exactly the same question in my mind

Hello evryone,

I think to add a function to group/ungroup sonos are useful for the end user and his freedom usage.

Have you this function on your roadmap ?

Thank you for the answer. I hope work fine quickly, because I use sonos for ring bell with doorbird, at this moment the function not work.

Always the same error that you see on the start of this thread.

Where you find the beta version 34?

For me the version 33 not work for the RPC ifttt

ok nice idea, and when this new feature are implemented ?