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I have a few different cameras and Onvif doesn't work with some including a Foscam, I get the same "camera doesn't support Onvif" but they definitely do.

Apologies you can close this, the issue was not related to the Bacnet interface and is now resolved.

Did they send you the register table?

Hello Noel,

I'm getting that issue with remote access also, all stable on LAN though.

I have 10 hue lamps and six hue wall switches, the issue is more that if I control a light through BOS it seems to cause a problem with the HUE side of things and as result can no longer control via Hue switches or the hue app? it seems to react randomly to switch actions.

It may be that the HUE and BOS statuses are conflicting?

Same with me, but seems to resolve itself if you uninstall and then reinstall configurator.


hi there, any idea how this is handled with the new basic auth?


Using the "repair BOS server" worked for me, had a similar problem.

It still doesn't solve the problem(Alexa) for me?