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I tried getting and setting parameters with an aeotec stick in the colibri and with this z wave interface it worked. 

Great succes. Using http server in bOS as device and setting:

host URL:

and adding a command with 

/test/with/key/yourKey with test being the event name in IFTT (used as trigger in service webhooks).

Test IFTT in advance with the URL listed in 
where you can also can find yourKey

Hi, thanks for the video. It explains hoe to get info with RPC to bOS.

But what I need is the other direction. 

bOS must be able to start a Harmony Hub activity. For example, I want to say: Hey Google, it's bedtime. Thanks to awesome integration of google assistant, all lights go off via bOS, but I want the program to also turn the TV off via harmony hub. 

Or, Hey Google, Movie time. 

I know in google assistant, you can control the harmony hub directly, But I want bOS to be the central brain of my home automation.

Hi, any progress or planned release with harmony hub integration?

Sorry it was off course

Thanks, MQTT looks interesting. Could you share your script? 

Hi. we are al waiting for an update of bos server. I think the integration of new services is poor in comfort click. However I very much like the logic you can use in the configurator and the user interface. 

I am looking for a way to set up easy communication between comfort click and home assistant. The latter has integration with over 700 products. Any experience?

Once the connection can be made, we can create a new topic to share experiences.