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Thank you for the tips. So far, it's still stable (48hrs now). I'll update this post later on.


Thank you for the quick response.

Meanwhile, believe it or not, the problem actually stopped at 5.30 AM this morning (smartphone screenshot from previous post was taken at 7.14 AM).

Below you can see that the issue ended with a wider(?) connection error (one Sonos speaker got disconnected too). You can also see that the last error message reads "CheckCommunication". After that, it reconnected, and no more errors...

Attached also the Log Devices.txt export (4.47 PM) this afternoon.

I'll monitor this and will try the BETA version suggestion if the issue reappears.



I’m also on a Minix. Not sure this is related.

Also tried to go back to classic “KNX IP” setting, but the. Getting the following errors:

I’m on Windows 10, with a Weinzierl BAOS 771.


Same type of issues here. The problem went away this summer after moving to KNX IP (Falcon)... but it’s back for a few weeks now.

Tonight, after upgrading to version 4.6.1 I now get a more detailed error message that reads as follow : “Error connecting to device. BusConnectionStatus.Broken”.

Any tips?

Thank you


Well found ! saved me. thank you.

Hello, can you re-post full example ? thank you !

Is this now fully integrated ? Driver released ?