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1. Create Mode for Google Asisstant

2. define descriptions "cool" and "heat"

3. crate Program for setting value - for example:

4 Use created Mode in API/Google Smart Home - Temperature Setting Trait

It will sent to google status of thermostat cool or heat

Finaly :

Thanks Ricardo.

I found that:

And everything becomes simple.

I have full control over the gate, thermostats and blinds.

For thermostat to work correctly it must be set Mode node with unit for value descriptions "heat" and "cool".
For blinds you must set On/Off trait  (0,1) for "turn" command and open/close trait (0-100%) for  open/close command.


Yes. I have seen.
Lights and sockets work for me.

But I can't configure the air conditioning, shutters or gates.

The icon appears in google home but with the gear icon. And its not working.

Does anyone have a screenshot of the air conditioning or shutter configuration? Which items must be completed?



It's OK.

I did not have an external IP entered in the license data.

is anyone here who has version 4.5.0 working with Google Home?