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Hi Fabien,

I am not talking about the passive heating, but about configuration of blinds. But in the meantime I have found the Demo bOS project for download ( and I already loaded it in my bOS. Huh, it contains everything I need. 

Now, I have to define the correct workflow between ETS and bOS...because I have an ongoing (and changing) ETS  KNX configuration project that is being imported as an .esf file to the bOS configuration. Since the structure of the KNX tree in ETS is different from the Demo project KNX tree in bOS there is an overwrite danger.

Fabien, thanks for further question. By saying "demo project" I am referring to the demo application that I can access with my bOs Client at (User/Pass).

have you tried with the "Reset your password or retrieve your username"?


no it does not work even if in the Settings tab Enabled is set to True.

In my log I get this:

Devices : 12/13/2018 12:58:00 : Error : Devices\KNX : Error connecting to device.

What could be the problem?

Hello, I have similar case but the value "Connected" can/t be set to true (it is gray). 

And then of course I see the message "Error: Devices KNX : Error connectiong to device."