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Linux update is under Building node, Settings tab, Jigsaw paragraph - system update. It opens a window, which enables the Linux update. It took 2 hours to update on 100 Mbps download link. This has however NOT resolved the Android connection issue. Accidentally I entered the server address as http://192....:443 NOT https://192.....:443 and this solved the issue. Unsure if connection is running unsecured, which for me is not an issue since it is a local system behind firewall but anyways.


had similar issues not long ago with SolarEdge 17k inverter. I will be submitting a working example shortly...  It is important that ModBus over TCP is enabled in SolarEdge inverter settings which is only possible with installer access. Also the values are all returned as integer with scale factor as second parameter so calculation is necessary to get the right value.

Thank you Mike. Works like a charm ;)