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The problem is that its not possible to create a user with a fixed/user-defined name anymore. The correct method is to declare an application & device and then let the Hue-bridge return a random username to the application. This is done by doing a POST with body like {"devicetype": "ComfortClick_app#ComfortClick_srv"} to http://<bridge-ip>/api

A random username will be returned in the 200 response from the bridge. This should be used by the application.

I got this to work by creating a user manually through the API and specifyed the username i got in return in bOS. After a reload of the server I saw that the correct user was used when accessing the bridge - and my devices could be discovered and used. So, currently there is a workaround, but its far from pretty.. ;)



Also - only to verify I connected the bridge against my OpenHAB deployment. That worked out of the box - was up and running in less than 30 seconds.

I believe that the user-creation part of the connection needs to be rewritten.