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The second photo is when I click on the value and I can then change it . But in the second server I can't do that!

I am sending you 2 photos to check it also that I was able to change the value as a user inside a schedule.This is from a server that we have installed in our office and we can change also time, and values. 

Thank you for your answer. I think I tested in my office a month ago and it was working! I don't know this is not possible to be done right now. I will check it  again but I think if I set the integer as a Dimmer maybe it should work. I don't know maybe I am wrong! 

Hi to everyone! I made a schedule and I found out that I cannot change the value(see picture) only time and frequency of the schedule. What I am doing wrong? Also when am in the Schedule as a user to change some things , then the bOS makes an exit from the schedule screen and goes to the main screen (something like refreshing or restarting). This happening only when I am in the Schedule menu and not at the main pages of the server. What its wrong with that also?

I will appreciate any help!


Thank you very much I will try!

Hi and thank you fro your answer. Is it a way to show me how to do that? I mean I don't have to create integer and create different programs? On program for DND another one for Clean room and another one for room service and OK for cancelling all the previous status? And what about notifications that I have to create? And how I am going to create cancelling of all orders? Sorry about that but I am trying to find out what is the best solution for having a smart system for hotel solution. 

This is what the customer can see and change (He can change also the Cleaning status  of the room which is a mistake) , and this is exactly the same what reception can see and change it too ( must only change the status to O.K. ) and not be able to change the other conditions ( From Do not Disturb, to Make Up room e.t.c) that this must be for viewing it only purpose.

Also I tried to create a program task but this also is showing to the room's list where also the customer can control it too except the reception. I think that the customer can anly see the message that the room has been cleaned and not be able to change it from like the other room's conditions. On the other site also the reception can only see the condition per room and not be able to change it by mistake, but only change the status if the room is allready cleaned.

Hello and thank you for your answer. Is it possible to tell me with more details how I am going to do that ? Cause  I tried to make a program task but I don't know how to turn it the OK mode so that the reception can turn it to OK mode